How Does Ipe Perform in Dry, Desert Climates?

Ipe will excel in dry desert climates.

The deserts are unforgiving locations and some of our major cities reside in desert or desert-like environments. Just because you live in this type of climate doesn’t mean you’re restricted in installing a deck or siding. The key to a successful wooden deck is choosing the appropriate material to withstand the extreme hots and colds that the desert cycles through.

Composites and common woods like cedar or redwood don’t have the durability and density to maintain their structural integrity under the intense desert sun. Plastics will begin to fade rapidly while cracks and peeling develop on the boards. Once composites fade in color there’s no way to bring it back. Cedar and redwood develop a gray patina, but as the wood receives more and more sunlight, excessive cracking can occur in the boards. The big fluctuations in temperature between day and night mean that typical woods will expand and contract rapidly and cause the grain to split and splinter. Now that the problems are outlined, what solution is there to build a deck? Ipe is your solution.

Ipe is the densest and hardest commercially available wood. This translates to durability and strength under any extreme climate. The desert sun will not crack the wood and if it begins to fade, all you need to do is sand and apply a coat of finishing oil to bring the original color back. With its extreme density, Ipe is able to tolerate the rises and drops of temperature with minimal expansion and contraction. No other wood is able to withstand these extremes and remain as strong and durable as the day it arrived.

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  • Linda Pulaski says:

    Hi, My architect is thinking about using your product as decorative cladding on my house. Where can I see a sample of the wood in Phoenix Az.? Time is of the essence so I’d appreciate being able to see it in the next few days.
    Linda Pulaski @ 602-717-3319

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