3 Reasons Why Ipe Deck Tiles Make the Best Rooftop Decking

Using Rooftop Space

Turning your flat roof into an outdoor oasis is often one of the easiest, most exciting, and most overlooked home improvements you can make. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to add square footage to a home, but a flat roof space can be converted into a zen-like oasis for a fraction of the price. This space can yield million-dollar views, even if your home isn’t sitting in a million-dollar zip code.

1. Ipe Deck Tiles Offer Lasting Beauty

Whether you decide to let your decking go gray or maintain the walnut color of the wood with a quick oiling, all-natural ipe is sure to outperform any man-made option. DeckWise Ipe Oil is the oil-based finish we recommend.

Water-based finishes have benefited from some amazing advancements in nanotechnology. Microparticles dive into the wood and offer protection that can outlast oil finishes in many cases. The tried-and-true water-based finish we’ve sold for thousands of ipe deck projects is DeckWise Wisecoat. It doesn’t emit the strong smells associated with oil-based finishes, and it shows off the natural color of the wood.

2. Ipe Deck Tiles are Durable

Ipe is the highest-rated of any exterior hardwood. A whopping three times harder than red oak, ipe deck boards are one of the strongest choices you can make. When picking up a piece of fake composite decking, it slumps like cheap cardboard. Unlike the fake decking guys, we don’t have to deploy any crazy marketing to sell our natural wood products. Just hold a small sample of our ipe wood in your hand, and you can tell this is some serious wood. One of our customers summed up the hardness and durability of our decking: “When I was done with the deck project I saved a 3-foot scrap of the wood next to my bed instead of my wimpy hard maple baseball bat. Lol.”

3. Ipe Deck Tiles are Fast and Easy to Install

Our modular deck tile system is one of the easiest ways to construct your deck. The tiles come in several sizes, including 12″ squares, 20″ squares, 24″ squares, and 24×48″ rectangles. These pieces snap together with a plastic connector that holds the tiles about ⅛″ off the roofing, allowing for water drainage as well as a quick, professional installation. Usually the words professional and quick don’t go together, yet hardwood deck tiles are exactly that.

The most time-consuming part of the project would be cutting the final tiles to fit against the outside wall, but you can avoid this step by planning a decorative stone border around the outside. This stone border not only makes the install quicker, but it also blends nicely from a design perspective. Many customers choose 1″ to 2″ Mexican beach pebbles for their borders feature. They are one of the more expensive stone options, but any garden store that sells them will typically have a slew of cheaper options as well.

Easy Ordering & Delivery or Ipe Decking

The end result of an ipe deck project is always an awesome space. Every day, customers around the world choose our standard hardwood decking or our modular deck tiles for their dream projects. Give us a call, and your order will ship rapidly from our four company-owned US factories directly to your home or jobsite. If you need help calculating or planning your project, we have a team of wood decking experts standing by the phone, ready to chat!

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The Benefits of Pregrooved Ipe Decking

Pregrooved Ipe Decking

Pregrooved decking consists of grooves milled onto the side of the board. The groove that runs the length the board is cut to accept the Ipe clip hidden fastening system. Pregrooved decking, coupled with the hidden fastening system gives home owners a secure alternative to face screwing. Our custom-milled pregrooved Ipe decking saves on installation time and makes for a flawless surface. Some homeowners and contractors have concerns about pregrooved decking because it loses wood during the milling process. Rest assured that the boards are as stable as non-milled boards. The density and strength of all of our hardwoods is the key to keeping its structural integrity. Pregrooved Decking offers the following:

  • The perfect groove for Ipe Clip® Hidden Fastening System
  • All the benefits that exotic hardwood brings
  • No extra work required to make biscuit cuts
  • Perfectly symmetrical grooves that assure an easy installation board after board.

Making the grooves yourself is a time consuming process that will dull the blades of your router and burn the motor quickly. Avoid these complications and have your boards pregrooved by our state of the art machines. Create an oasis in your home by building the perfect deck free of unsightly screws. Contact us today to get your free pregrooved Ipe decking quote.

How Can Ipe Wood Resist Flame Spread So Well?

Open flame is safe on an ipe deck.

Fire poses a danger to any structure and wood is a highly combustible material; the two aren’t a good combination. Wood used as framing material for houses will catch fire very quickly and spread within a matter of seconds. Decks, like homes are typically built out of wood like pine, cedar, and redwood. Your alternatives are metal or plastic, but plastic catches fire just as fast and releases toxic fumes as a by product.

Ipe holds up to a class A fire rating, the same as concrete and steel. What does this mean? It means that Ipe will not combust as fast as other woods and it will not spread flames.

If you’re wondering how this is possible, you’re not alone. Ipe’s physical characteristics are the driving force behind this attribute. Ipe has a density that out performs every other wood. In fact, if you throw Ipe in water it will sink. This incredible density prevents the wood fibers from catching fire and is able to repel any embers or flames.

You can feel safe and secure when entertaining guests or having a barbecue. Your deck should be a place of relaxation and serenity. Ipe will bring that relaxation and safety.

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How Does Ipe Perform in Dry, Desert Climates?

Ipe will excel in dry desert climates.

The deserts are unforgiving locations and some of our major cities reside in desert or desert-like environments. Just because you live in this type of climate doesn’t mean you’re restricted in installing a deck or siding. The key to a successful wooden deck is choosing the appropriate material to withstand the extreme hots and colds that the desert cycles through.

Composites and common woods like cedar or redwood don’t have the durability and density to maintain their structural integrity under the intense desert sun. Plastics will begin to fade rapidly while cracks and peeling develop on the boards. Once composites fade in color there’s no way to bring it back. Cedar and redwood develop a gray patina, but as the wood receives more and more sunlight, excessive cracking can occur in the boards. The big fluctuations in temperature between day and night mean that typical woods will expand and contract rapidly and cause the grain to split and splinter. Now that the problems are outlined, what solution is there to build a deck? Ipe is your solution.

Ipe is the densest and hardest commercially available wood. This translates to durability and strength under any extreme climate. The desert sun will not crack the wood and if it begins to fade, all you need to do is sand and apply a coat of finishing oil to bring the original color back. With its extreme density, Ipe is able to tolerate the rises and drops of temperature with minimal expansion and contraction. No other wood is able to withstand these extremes and remain as strong and durable as the day it arrived.

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How Long Does Ipe Decking Last?

Long-lasting Ipe

Everyone is used to the usual softwood life span of 15 to maybe 25 years if properly cared for. Pressure treated wood needs a lot of chemicals injected in it in order to maintain its resistance to decay and termites. Cedar and Redwood are the regular materials used for decking, but they will only last about 25 years with good maintenance. We offer a material that can last over 75 years, is termite and mold resistant, low maintenance, and 100% natural (free of chemicals).

There is nothing better than Ipe. Because of its natural structure and extreme qualities, Ipe isn’t susceptible to any of the common wood problems that plague other species. The most important factor to a homeowner is the lifespan and maintenance of their material. Ipe is able to last over 75 years with a simple coat of Ipe Oil applied once a year. There are no tricks, no sanding, and no sealing involved in maintaining Ipe. If you prefer the silver patina that Ipe transitions to, don’t apply anything and just let it weather out.

Consider Ipe when purchasing decking material. You can’t go wrong with a 75-year-lifespan material that is both durable and economical.

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Is Ipe Good for Exterior Siding?

Ipe Exterior Siding

Siding is an option that many home owners choose for accenting certain areas of their home. Sometimes they’ll prefer to cover the entirety of the house in wood for the cabin look. Siding on a home comes with its own set of problems. The wood is under constant pressure from the sun and the elements which translates to more maintenance needed. Siding is completely vertical so maintaining it can be a more challenging task. Purchasing the right materials is crucial to the longevity of your siding. Cedar and Redwood may last for a while but it needs constant sealing and staining to keep it from cracking and splitting. Ipe on the other hand is the perfect combination of beauty and reliability.

Ipe’s physical properties are beyond what any other wood has. Ipe will outlast and outperform any of the typical siding woods thanks to its amazing strength and legendary density. The only maintenance that Ipe needs is a coat of Ipe Oil at least once a year to maintain its beautiful color. No sanding, no staining, no water proofing, nothing else is needed. In fact, many architects and designers  specify Ipe siding in their plans because of how well it matures to that sleek silver gray. That patina actually is a design consideration that accentuates the rest of the structure those professionals design.

This is the perfect material for your siding designs. Nothing else can compare.

Choosing Ipe is a long term investment that will pay itself in the long run. The initial cost may be higher but the life span is more than twice of the cheaper alternatives and all it takes to maintain it is a coat of Ipe Oil or any U.V inhibiting finish to make it last over 75 years.

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Is Ipe Termite Resistant?

Termite-resistant Ipe

Termites can be the worst infestation that can occur to a house or deck. These small ant-like bugs eat wood in massive quantities posing a severe threat to your structure and safety. There are woods like cedar and redwood that are naturally resistant to termites but unless it’s heartwood it will easily become a termite’s lunch. The problem is that those common types of wood won’t last very long and need constant staining and finishing. There are other methods of making wood termite resistant like treating it with chemicals but these chemicals may prove to be harmful to your health.

Ipe was tested by the U.S Naval research laboratory. They discovered that Ipe can withstand termite attacks for 15 years in ground. No other wood has been able to withstand an attack in ground for so long. Choosing the right materials for your deck can be extremely cost efficient because you’ll prevent the massive headaches that come with changing boards, and fumigating for termites.

If you’re looking for natural wood that stands the test of use and time and infestation, look no further. With Ipe you’ll make a sound investment that will last as long as your home. Please call us if you have any further questions about Ipe or if you would like to get a quote. We’re here to help you and make your deck building experience as enjoyable as possible.

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What Is the Difference Between B-Grade and Premium Grade Ipe?

B-Grade Ipe Decking

When you begin your research for building materials you’ll come across different grades of wood. This can be a very confusing area unless you know some of the language that is used in the lumber industry. You will notice terms like clear, knotty, architect clear, architect knotty, and even structural knotty. What does all this mean? It just tells you what part of the wood and what defects it comes with.

Luckily, we don’t have a crazy number of grades because all of our lumber is either clear grade or rustic grade (b-grade). There are small but important differences between each grade but both provide the great stability that Brazilian hardwoods are known for.

Rustic Grade (B-Grade) lumber is wood that has natural characteristics and aesthetic looks that characterize wood. Most rustic grade lumber will have small worm holes as well as knots and odd grain patterns. The structural integrity of the wood is not different than the clear grade so your deck is not at any risk of any problems.

Premium Grade lumber is our best grade. 99% of the boards that are premium grade are clear. Meaning, that the boards are free of defects and show amazing grain pattern without any holes or knots on the boards themselves. There is no higher quality wood than our premium grade.

We try to offer different woods to fit every one of your needs. If you want an impeccable deck that is free of knots and common defects, ask for our premium grade. However, if you prefer the natural characteristic of wood ask for our Rustic Grade. Whatever your choice, we are here to help.

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