What Is the Difference Between B-Grade and Premium Grade Ipe?

B-Grade Ipe Decking

When you begin your research for building materials you’ll come across different grades of wood. This can be a very confusing area unless you know some of the language that is used in the lumber industry. You will notice terms like clear, knotty, architect clear, architect knotty, and even structural knotty. What does all this mean? It just tells you what part of the wood and what defects it comes with.

Luckily, we don’t have a crazy number of grades because all of our lumber is either clear grade or rustic grade (b-grade). There are small but important differences between each grade but both provide the great stability that Brazilian hardwoods are known for.

Rustic Grade (B-Grade) lumber is wood that has natural characteristics and aesthetic looks that characterize wood. Most rustic grade lumber will have small worm holes as well as knots and odd grain patterns. The structural integrity of the wood is not different than the clear grade so your deck is not at any risk of any problems.

Premium Grade lumber is our best grade. 99% of the boards that are premium grade are clear. Meaning, that the boards are free of defects and show amazing grain pattern without any holes or knots on the boards themselves. There is no higher quality wood than our premium grade.

We try to offer different woods to fit every one of your needs. If you want an impeccable deck that is free of knots and common defects, ask for our premium grade. However, if you prefer the natural characteristic of wood ask for our Rustic Grade. Whatever your choice, we are here to help.

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  • I am looking for 5/4×6 rustic ipe. Could you give me a quote for that?
    Thanks, Rob
    703 864 3894

  • shannon fitzgerald says:

    screened in porch IPE air dried quote 1X6 , 17 ft with fasteners…we are on time crunch how long would acclamation be? our porch is 17 ft by 12.5 ft,,,215 sq feet
    473 linear i think? pregreooved for the hidden fasteners..
    we live in matthews nc, price and time quote thanks

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