Do I Need to Oil My Ipe Deck?

A lot of customers ask this, and the answer is a qualified “no.” Ipe is tough enough on its own to survive the elements without a finish coating. However, we do strongly recommend oiling your deck at least once when you install it. This initial coating will help retain the wood’s natural oils and improve its stability.

Beyond that, whether or not to oil your Ipe deck is a matter of personal taste. Oiling is required if you want to preserve the wood’s dark brown color. Otherwise it will fade to silver. We recommend re-oiling the deck annually to maintain color, but if your deck receives a lot of direct sunlight, more frequent coats may be necessary.

If you want the grayed-out look, or you just don’t care enough to apply oil every year, then you can skip it. The color fade is only cosmetic. The wood will still be just as strong and will still last over 70 years.

If you have any other questions about Ipe decking maintenance, feel free to give us a call!

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