Is Ipe Termite Resistant?

Termite-resistant Ipe

Termites can be the worst infestation that can occur to a house or deck. These small ant-like bugs eat wood in massive quantities posing a severe threat to your structure and safety. There are woods like cedar and redwood that are naturally resistant to termites but unless it’s heartwood it will easily become a termite’s lunch. The problem is that those common types of wood won’t last very long and need constant staining and finishing. There are other methods of making wood termite resistant like treating it with chemicals but these chemicals may prove to be harmful to your health.

Ipe was tested by the U.S Naval research laboratory. They discovered that Ipe can withstand termite attacks for 15 years in ground. No other wood has been able to withstand an attack in ground for so long. Choosing the right materials for your deck can be extremely cost efficient because you’ll prevent the massive headaches that come with changing boards, and fumigating for termites.

If you’re looking for natural wood that stands the test of use and time and infestation, look no further. With Ipe you’ll make a sound investment that will last as long as your home. Please call us if you have any further questions about Ipe or if you would like to get a quote. We’re here to help you and make your deck building experience as enjoyable as possible.

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