How does Ipe Compare to Plastic Decking?

Different Colors of PVC Decking

Plastic decking is advertised to be the last and only decking material you’ll ever need. The ads say that you never need to give it maintenance, you never have to sand it, and it will never lose its color. You’ve probably also heard that they come in many tones, and unlike wood, it’s made from recycled materials and therefor it’s good for the environment. All of this sounds great but when you begin digging deeper, you’ll discover that the only way to go is with all natural Ipe.

The truth is, any material placed outdoors requires maintenance. Search online and you’ll see how plastic and wood-plastic composites can develop mold and mildew. Unlike Ipe, the mold you find in synthetic decking isn’t just superficial; it’s rooted in the core of the composite board. Ipe on the other hand, is naturally resistant to mold and decay without any chemical additives. Every material fades, but what is important is how they fade. While plastics will become a dull opaque color riddled with cracks, Ipe ages gracefully to a beautiful silver color without any cracks or structural weakening. Ipe may come from the rainforest, but we work closely with IBAMA, a Brazilian counterpart of the EPA, to develop the best sustainable practices to harvest each tree. Plastics do come from recycled materials, but the boards themselves can’t be recycled and end up in landfills. Ipe is the only true sustainable eco-friendly product in the market.

There is no comparison between plastic and Ipe. Ipe will outlast and outperform any plastic material. The best thing is that its initial and long term costs are in line and often lower than composite materials.

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  • Nathalia says:

    And if you have slippery or dirty dekncig,a pressure washer can help, or there are plenty of specialist dekncig cleaning products available, which you brush into the wood, leave, then rinse off, hopefully taking all of the dirt with them. Check carefully that the cleaner you choose is suitable for your type of deck.

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