How Can Ipe Wood Resist Flame Spread So Well?

Open flame is safe on an ipe deck.

Fire poses a danger to any structure and wood is a highly combustible material; the two aren’t a good combination. Wood used as framing material for houses will catch fire very quickly and spread within a matter of seconds. Decks, like homes are typically built out of wood like pine, cedar, and redwood. Your alternatives are metal or plastic, but plastic catches fire just as fast and releases toxic fumes as a by product.

Ipe holds up to a class A fire rating, the same as concrete and steel. What does this mean? It means that Ipe will not combust as fast as other woods and it will not spread flames.

If you’re wondering how this is possible, you’re not alone. Ipe’s physical characteristics are the driving force behind this attribute. Ipe has a density that out performs every other wood. In fact, if you throw Ipe in water it will sink. This incredible density prevents the wood fibers from catching fire and is able to repel any embers or flames.

You can feel safe and secure when entertaining guests or having a barbecue. Your deck should be a place of relaxation and serenity. Ipe will bring that relaxation and safety.

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