Is Ipe Good for Exterior Siding?

Ipe Exterior Siding

Siding is an option that many home owners choose for accenting certain areas of their home. Sometimes they’ll prefer to cover the entirety of the house in wood for the cabin look. Siding on a home comes with its own set of problems. The wood is under constant pressure from the sun and the elements which translates to more maintenance needed. Siding is completely vertical so maintaining it can be a more challenging task. Purchasing the right materials is crucial to the longevity of your siding. Cedar and Redwood may last for a while but it needs constant sealing and staining to keep it from cracking and splitting. Ipe on the other hand is the perfect combination of beauty and reliability.

Ipe’s physical properties are beyond what any other wood has. Ipe will outlast and outperform any of the typical siding woods thanks to its amazing strength and legendary density. The only maintenance that Ipe needs is a coat of Ipe Oil at least once a year to maintain its beautiful color. No sanding, no staining, no water proofing, nothing else is needed. In fact, many architects and designers  specify Ipe siding in their plans because of how well it matures to that sleek silver gray. That patina actually is a design consideration that accentuates the rest of the structure those professionals design.

This is the perfect material for your siding designs. Nothing else can compare.

Choosing Ipe is a long term investment that will pay itself in the long run. The initial cost may be higher but the life span is more than twice of the cheaper alternatives and all it takes to maintain it is a coat of Ipe Oil or any U.V inhibiting finish to make it last over 75 years.

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