The Benefits of Pregrooved Ipe Decking

Pregrooved Ipe Decking

Pregrooved decking consists of grooves milled onto the side of the board. The groove that runs the length the board is cut to accept the Ipe clip hidden fastening system. Pregrooved decking, coupled with the hidden fastening system gives home owners a secure alternative to face screwing. Our custom-milled pregrooved Ipe decking saves on installation time and makes for a flawless surface. Some homeowners and contractors have concerns about pregrooved decking because it loses wood during the milling process. Rest assured that the boards are as stable as non-milled boards. The density and strength of all of our hardwoods is the key to keeping its structural integrity. Pregrooved Decking offers the following:

  • The perfect groove for Ipe Clip® Hidden Fastening System
  • All the benefits that exotic hardwood brings
  • No extra work required to make biscuit cuts
  • Perfectly symmetrical grooves that assure an easy installation board after board.

Making the grooves yourself is a time consuming process that will dull the blades of your router and burn the motor quickly. Avoid these complications and have your boards pregrooved by our state of the art machines. Create an oasis in your home by building the perfect deck free of unsightly screws. Contact us today to get your free pregrooved Ipe decking quote.

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