3 Reasons Why Ipe Deck Tiles Make the Best Rooftop Decking

Using Rooftop Space

Turning your flat roof into an outdoor oasis is often one of the easiest, most exciting, and most overlooked home improvements you can make. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to add square footage to a home, but a flat roof space can be converted into a zen-like oasis for a fraction of the price. This space can yield million-dollar views, even if your home isn’t sitting in a million-dollar zip code.

1. Ipe Deck Tiles Offer Lasting Beauty

Whether you decide to let your decking go gray or maintain the walnut color of the wood with a quick oiling, all-natural ipe is sure to outperform any man-made option. DeckWise Ipe Oil is the oil-based finish we recommend.

Water-based finishes have benefited from some amazing advancements in nanotechnology. Microparticles dive into the wood and offer protection that can outlast oil finishes in many cases. The tried-and-true water-based finish we’ve sold for thousands of ipe deck projects is DeckWise Wisecoat. It doesn’t emit the strong smells associated with oil-based finishes, and it shows off the natural color of the wood.

2. Ipe Deck Tiles are Durable

Ipe is the highest-rated of any exterior hardwood. A whopping three times harder than red oak, ipe deck boards are one of the strongest choices you can make. When picking up a piece of fake composite decking, it slumps like cheap cardboard. Unlike the fake decking guys, we don’t have to deploy any crazy marketing to sell our natural wood products. Just hold a small sample of our ipe wood in your hand, and you can tell this is some serious wood. One of our customers summed up the hardness and durability of our decking: “When I was done with the deck project I saved a 3-foot scrap of the wood next to my bed instead of my wimpy hard maple baseball bat. Lol.”

3. Ipe Deck Tiles are Fast and Easy to Install

Our modular deck tile system is one of the easiest ways to construct your deck. The tiles come in several sizes, including 12″ squares, 20″ squares, 24″ squares, and 24×48″ rectangles. These pieces snap together with a plastic connector that holds the tiles about ⅛″ off the roofing, allowing for water drainage as well as a quick, professional installation. Usually the words professional and quick don’t go together, yet hardwood deck tiles are exactly that.

The most time-consuming part of the project would be cutting the final tiles to fit against the outside wall, but you can avoid this step by planning a decorative stone border around the outside. This stone border not only makes the install quicker, but it also blends nicely from a design perspective. Many customers choose 1″ to 2″ Mexican beach pebbles for their borders feature. They are one of the more expensive stone options, but any garden store that sells them will typically have a slew of cheaper options as well.

Easy Ordering & Delivery or Ipe Decking

The end result of an ipe deck project is always an awesome space. Every day, customers around the world choose our standard hardwood decking or our modular deck tiles for their dream projects. Give us a call, and your order will ship rapidly from our four company-owned US factories directly to your home or jobsite. If you need help calculating or planning your project, we have a team of wood decking experts standing by the phone, ready to chat!

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