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Ipe Decking Profiles

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At IpeDecking.com, we offer all ipe wood decking profiles.

With access to our wholly owned and operated U.S. lumber mills, you can customize your order of ipe wood decking to your specifications. Don't forget, you can also get ipe decking lengths up to 20 feet!

There are three common ipe decking profiles:

S4S E4E Ipe Regular E4E S4S
Pregrooved Ipe Pre-Grooved
T&G ipe Tongue & Groove

Each ipe wood decking profile has advantages when it comes to specific applications.

E4E S4S stands for "Eased 4 Edges / Surface 4 Sides." Regular E4E S4S ipe decking is always in demand and is used in many applications including:

  • Decking
  • Siding
  • Inlays
  • Lattices
  • Gazebos
  • Stair treads & risers
When you order ipe decking from us, don't be shocked when you hear the term "odds and evens." Odd and even ipe decking pricing will save you money as you can get closer to you desired length by keeping your waste to a minimum. Tell us your deck design specs and we'll ensure you save on cost and unnecessary waste.

Tongue and Grooved ipe decking is easy-to-install and creates a gap less surface that offers significant benefits. T&G ipe decking is recommended for:

  • Sunrooms
  • Covered porches & patios
  • Covered lanais
  • Interior areas exposed to heat and AC

Pre grooved ipe decking is one of the most in-demand profiles. If your goal is to build an outdoor garden deck that looks immaculate all year round, then contact us about this specific ipe wood decking profile. When installed with deck fasteners, pre-grooved ipe decking:

  • Creates a safer and immaculate deck surface
  • Keeps deck boards level and uniform
  • Come under less stress during natural expansion & contraction
  • Is easier to resurface
  • Don’t have the problem of nail pop ups
Ipe decking is so versatile that many customers who order pre-grooved or T&G ipe wood decking also buy regular (E4E S4S) ipe boards for planter boxes, benches, or outdoor kitchens. If your plans include any of these items, let us know! We'll send you just the right amount of materials with your order.

Shiplap Siding custom ipe trim, and molding are also available.

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