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Deck Tools

There are many deck tools available. However, most are inadequate when it comes to making your installation of ipe decking a smooth and efficient one. To save you time and the inevitable headaches, we are going to reveal what the best decking tools are.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you’re gearing up to build a deck on your own, you need to know that all of these tools are also available to homeowners who are undertaking do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

Here are the best deck tools:

Deck Board Straightening Tools:

  • The Hardwood Wrench™ (shown above) – By far, the most preferred deck tool for deck builders who want a durable tool that will hold up even after the 20th deck is built.
    • Constructed of hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum and a turned hardwood handle
    • Cam locks into place for a secure fit
    • Save time and labor with easy one person installation of deck boards
    • Helps make gap spacing easier
    • Simultaneously bending multiple deck boards
    • Effortlessly reversible
    • Movable pins adjust for many joist thickness sizes
    • Great for tongue & groove decking
  • Bo-Wrench
    • Basic tool attaches to 2x (1-1/2") joist size
    • Simple operation
    • Constructed from coated steel
    • Can bend more than one board at a time

Deck Fasteners

The Ipe Clip® Extreme™ brand of deck fasteners (shown above) is ideal for hardwood decking species. When it comes to ipe decking, installing pre-grooved decking with hidden deck fasteners will ensure that your deck has a clean and professional look as well as the strength and durability to endure years of use and wear.

Extreme™ hidden deck fasteners from the Ipe Clip® Company are:

  • Built to last and
  • Designed to allow ipe boards to naturally expand and contract
  • Stainless steel inserts amplifies holding force
  • Square design provides greatest hold
  • Fits neatly in typical biscuit joint slots
  • Practically unbreakable
  • Color options include brown, black and grey

You can order any of the above items when you call us directly.

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